Diana Samuels reports that an outbreak of norovirus has sickened more than two-dozen people at The Sequoias in Portola Valley, an official at the retirement community said Tuesday. Officials have closed the retirement community’s dining room and canceled social activities, said Rick Isaacs, The Sequoias’ skilled nursing administrator. Family members and others are “encouraged not

The Kalamazoo County health department has issued an advisory about a “sharp increase in the number of people ill with norovirus” in the past week.

“We don’t have any numbers” because norovirus cases don’t have to be reported to the health department, said Linda Buzas, Kalamazoo County health director. But “we’re getting lots of calls

U.S. health officials say last fall’s outbreak of a stomach virus that swept through pro basketball teams sickened 21 players on 13 teams.

They were infected with the norovirus, highly contagious and known for spreading on cruise ships. The federal researchers didn’t name the teams. But media reports have said players with a stomach bug

The Hawaii Department of Health said a Hale­iwa restaurant linked to 42 cases of suspected norovirus in an outbreak on the North Shore has been scrubbed and is safe, but other eating establishments and food sources are still being investigated.

State Epidemiologist Sarah Park said the owners of Cholo’s Homestyle Mexican II voluntarily shut down

The Health Department confirmed that more than 100 people who became sick after dining at or who were in contact with someone who dined at Kally K’s Steakery & Fishery, 3383 Commercial Way, in Spring Hill between March 6 and 11 were stricken by a norovirus. According to the report, at least one employee of

Scientists at Ohio State University are working on a new method of vaccine delivery to combat human norovirus, a virus that causes highly contagious vomiting and diarrhea. Using a viral vector approach, with the vesicular stomach virus, researchers injected mice with the vaccine and saw a considerable antibody response, which was 25 times higher than

According to Science Daily, Scientists have shown that an experimental vaccine against the human norovirus — the bug behind about 90 percent of highly contagious nonbacterial illnesses that cause diarrhea and vomiting — can generate a strong immune response in mice without appearing to cause the animals any harm.

Using a novel viral vector-based method

The Seattle Yacht Club is closed until March 15 after an outbreak of the Norovirus has made about 150 guests and employees ill since March 1.

Club General Manager Steve Hall said the club voluntarily closed in order to sanitize its facilities.

Hall said the first sign of an outbreak was on March 1 and

The CDC has updated its suggestions on the management and prevention of Norovirus outbreaks.  I downloaded it and plan on reading it on the plane from Istanbul to Seattle.  Here is the CDC Summary:

Noroviruses are the most common cause of epidemic gastroenteritis, responsible for at least 50% of all gastroenteritis outbreaks worldwide, and a