A stomach bug virus outbreak at Foran High School in Milford is causing big concern because about 150 students have called in sick in the last two days.

The bug is A highly contagious virus with symptoms similar to the Norovirus. It is spreading quickly and right now Foran High school is feeling it.

“A lot of people were out today, I think there only like 10, 11 or 12 kids in my Spanish class, and yesterday a bunch of people went home,” says sophomore, Nick Falcha.

So far Foran is the only school in the district hard hit with the stomach flu.

“It could happen at other schools as well,” says Dennis McBride of the Milford Health Department.

To slow it down, a letter from the Health Department and Acting Superintendent was sent to all parents, stressing people to wash their hands frequently.

“We are adhearing to strict cleanup practices as soon as the school is over. The health department is inspecting the food preparation areas for all the schools,” says Mcbride.