Norovirus cases reportedly on the rise‎

Along with the cold and flu, another virus is making the rounds in Genesee County and other parts of the state.

Health officials report cases of the norovirus are on the rise.

Around this time every year the norovirus begins to spread.

A few residents are already showing symptoms at Genesee Gardens, a retirement living facility in Flint Township. That’s why management put a red stop sign flyer on the front doors to alerting visitors. They’re trying to prevent the spread of the virus that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and stomach cramping.

Part of the plan involves keeping residents from interacting with each other too much. The dinning room is closed and residents are asked to stay in their rooms.

Norovirus cases decline‎

McHenry County Health Department officials have closed two investigations into norovirus outbreaks at county nursing homes as new cases continue to decline.

One investigation remains open, and no new outbreaks have been reported at area schools or other entities, according to health department officials.

“The outbreak has significantly slowed down,” said Debra Quakenbush, health department community information coordinator. “One facility has had a small number of new cases, but we see this coming to an end shortly.”

The norovirus outbreak at three McHenry County nursing homes in late November sickened at least 138 people and sent eight to the hospital, causing some of the long-term care facilities to refuse new admissions. Staff also were affected.