According to the Harvard Crimson, after closing for more than a month due to a norovirus outbreak that sickened over 300 people, the Harvard Faculty Club will reopen for private events on Monday.  The Club, which had been undergoing inspections for food safety, reopened for overnight guests on May 6. The restaurant portion of the Club will officially reopen in early June.  The Club first closed in late March due to an outbreak of the gastrointestinal virus, which is caused by the consumption of contaminated food or contact with infected individuals. The establishment reopened Easter weekend but closed two days later, after the reporting of more than 100 new cases of the illness, according to The Boston Globe.  The Cambridge Department of Public Health authorized the Club to reopen in late April, but officials at the Club—which caters to Harvard faculty, alumni, and other guests—decided to delay reopening the restaurant service until after Commencement.