According to the Boston Globe, the Harvard Faculty Club has been closed after a possible norovirus outbreak. Several guests first reported feeling ill on Saturday, and the school’s health and safety team immediately responded. The team, along with the Cambridge Department of Public Health, on Tuesday believed that a person or persons with the virus passed it on to people at the club, according to Martin.  She said the sick patrons reported “symptoms of a viral gastrointestinal ailment,’’ such as nausea and diarrhea. Martin could not say last night how many patrons had fallen ill.

Harvard is not the only local campus to have a possible brush with a norovirus of late. An illness presumed to be caused by a norovirus has sickened 75 students at Emerson College in Boston since the middle of last month, but public health and college officials now believe the outbreak is waning. On March 14, two students reported to campus health services complaining of stomach cramps, Andrew Tiedemann, Emerson’s vice president for communications, said yesterday. At its peak, 10 to 13 students a day were seeking help for their illness.