Norovirus is a serious virus that causes nausea, diarrhea and severe cramps. This disease, often associated with cruise ship sickness, has made resurgence in the last few weeks. This time it is affecting retirement/assisted living homes. The virus has turned up in several of these facilities in Florida and South Carolina.

Communities in and around Sarasota, Florida and Charleston, South Carolina have reported an increase in the activity of the virus in the community. Schools and work place absences have increased in the last few weeks. Now, the virus has entered the retirement community where it can cause severe damage to a weak immune system.

Health officials are tracking the progress of this virus to see if it is going to spread quickly through the country. Norovirus will either stop as quickly as it started or spread like wildfire. There is no distinct pattern to the virus at all.

The best way to avoid the virus is to wash your hands continually throughout the day. Soap and water are your best defense. Carry hand sanitizer with you for convenience, but remember soap and water is a better solution. Norovirus has been associated with death in the past. It is very important to use as many preventative measures as possible to avoid the risk of getting or spreading the virus.