This past weekend in Holland, MI, “town and gown” activities included Hope College’s graduation and class reunions; and the annual Tulip Festival.   Out of concern for Swine Flu, there was no kissing at graduation.   Handshakes, however, were encouraged.

And while there were already a couple of confirmed cases of Swine Flu in Michigan, and certain to be more as this week goes forward, Hope College enjoyed a worry-free celebration weekend.  So much different  than last November when a norovirus outbreak closed down the Holland campus and made more than 500 people sick.  We first reported on the Hope College outbreak here.

The Grand Rapids Press reported that: “Visitors were either unaware or not worried about 10 probable cases of swine flu among Hope students, announced late Friday afternoon by the Ottawa County Health Department.”

“Everybody is more aware after that (norovirus) experience, says Jonathan Hagood, 34, who teaches Latin American history at Hope. Since that outbreak, hand-washing and hand-sanitation stations were added around the campus.

“We are seeing a more proactive response because as a campus we had a trial run,” he said.

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