With the one-time titans of Detroit in Washington D.C. to beg for money to continue , the nation’s highest unemployment rate, and state and local taxes going up, you might think Michigan has had enough already.

But it Michigan might also be looking at a mean winter of norovirus as there is another possible outbreak underway, this one near Lansing. The local NEWS 10 reports that:

Norovirus is likely what’s making people sick at an adult retirement home in Eaton County.

Dr. Robert Schirmer, Medical Director of Barry-Eaton Health Department, confirms there is a “presumptive” norovirus situation at the “Hope Landing Assisted Living Community” in Charlotte.

He says both staff and residents report vomiting and diarrhea, and because they don’t have fever or blood in their stool, the characteristics of the illness indicate it is likely norovirus.

Schirmer says Hope Landing is restricting visitors, bleaching high-touch areas, and keeping people from coming in, all in an attempt to keep visitors from getting infected. He’s not sure right now how many people have the virus.

Michigan’s Hope College just went through its own norovirus outbreak.  See below here.