Brits call it “the vomiting bug” and they are getting ready for its return, reports the UK’s Daily Star.   Last winter’s epidemic saw an estimated 200,000 people a week struck down by the norovirus.   Now, between  doing its  best to keep the soft porn  business  alive,  the  Daily Star is doing its best to  prepare  folks  for  still more norovirus.   It  reports:

The winter vomiting bug that caused chaos earlier this year is set for a terrifying comeback.  Health experts fear the norovirus will once again hit hundreds of thousands of Brits.

Already, hospital wards in Worcestershire have been closed amid signs that the sickness and diarrhoea bug has claimed a wave of new victims.


NHS Direct has been advising people to treat the bug with an anti-diarrhoea treatment such as Imodium as well as drinking plenty of fluids. Experts warn the elderly are particularly at risk and recommend staying at home to avoid spreading the bug.

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