During the winter, the YMCA of the Rockies is one of the finest cross-country skiing areas in the West.  During the summer, its facilities serve hundreds if not thousands of young people.   Norovirus attacked the camp three years ago during the 2005 season.   Now, its back with 72 campers and 15 counselors and guides now sick.

7News, the ABC affiliate in Denver, explained how it happened:

The case began with two girls who came to camp in recent days who reported feeling a little sick. Counselors thought the girls had car sickness but then their whole cabin became ill, with symptoms including vomiting, cramping, diarrhea and a low-grade fever.

There were 60 cases reported Wednesday morning but a few hours later, the outbreak spread to 72 kids, camp officials said.

The Colorado Department of Health has been contacted and is working with camp to identify the source of the outbreak.

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