Sun Microsystems urged people to “Catch the Buzz” at JavaOne.  By the time “Sun Fellow” James Gosling was wrapping up the annual open source event at San Francisco’s famed Moscone Center, more than 70 people who attended JavaOne were sick with norovirus.

It was probably the only time when San Francisco is glad to see a Silicon Valley company stop spending its money and go home.    With another group moving into Moscone this week,  San Francisco is left dealing the the nasty aftermath of a norovirus outbreak.  Reports the San Francisco Chronicle:

The source of the virus has not yet been identified, but generally the norovirus is passed when an infected person spreads microbes either by preparing food or sharing plates or utensils, said Jim Soos, assistant director of policy and planning at the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Public health officials are working with convention center organizers to make cleaning recommendations and to confirm the cause of the illness, according to a bulletin issued by the health department.

The Moscone Center consists of more than 2 million square feet of building area. On Friday it hosted the last day of the JavaOne Conference, and an event next week is going ahead as scheduled, Perry said.

The SF Chronicle story can be located here.