Something you do not see often enough these days is good follow up stories from television news operations.  Cleveland’s CBS affiliate, 19 ActionNews, is an exception, however, as a week later is it doing a good follow up on what happened with the norovirus outbreak at the Kent, Ohio Chipolte Mexican Grill.   WOIO reports:

State health officials at the Ohio Department of Health laboratory confirmed that the food borne illness associated with Chipotle in Kent, Ohio was Norovirus Genotype G2. 

It is evident that the food consumed from the Kent Chipotle between Tuesday April 14 and Friday April 18th was contaminated with norovirus. 

Stool samples collected from people who had eaten chipotle food between 4/14 and 4/18 tested positive for Norovirus Genotype G2. 

More  than 400 customers of the Chipotle Mexican Grill reported having symptoms of Norovirus.  Secondary transmission to people who have come into contact  with the Chipotle customers now concerns the health department, according to 19 ActionNews.

For the complete 19 ActionNews story go here.