Do you think it’s possible that some British tourist decided the best way to get away from the norovirus outbreak would be to check into a nice Florida beach hotel?

If that traveler exists, then just think about all those other unlucky guests at the Hilton Singer Island Resort in Riviera Beach, Florida where 83 people have been struck by the norovirus.  Here’s what the Associated Press reports:

Health officials have identified a highly contagious virus as the cause of an outbreak that sickened at least 83 people at a beachfront resort hotel.

Guests and employees at the Hilton Singer Island Resort first reported the flu-like symptoms on Jan. 10.

Health officials were called in after three people were hospitalized.

Test results confirm that the outbreak was norovirus, a highly contagious virus that causes diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, cramps and other symptoms, officials said.

“It spreads easily and quickly,” said Tim O’Connor, spokesman for the Palm Beach County Health Department. “We’ve asked them to completely disinfect everything.”

AP’s complete report is found here.     Also, Bill Marler gives some legal insights  here.

Bill says showing how the virus is transmitted is hard.  He asks:  “Was it foodborne?  Was it an ill worker?  Ill patron?”