Norovirus may be to blame for dozens of illnesses as Sylvan Elementary in Alamance County.  Full Story

Burlington, NC — Students and staff at a local elementary school were out sick on Wednesday, and health officials say a serious stomach virus may be the reason.

According to the Alamance County health department a “large number” of adults and children were absent from Sylvan Elementary school complaining of nausea, vomiting and fever.

The symptoms match those of the virus known as “norovirus” that has been affecting a large number of people in North Carolina over the last few months.

The virus’s symptoms come on suddenly and generally last two to three days.

Health officials say anyone with illness who is unable to keep down food and liquids or who is having bloody diarrhea should see their doctor. And if parents have questions about their child’s health, they should contact their child’s doctor.

The best way to combat the virus is proper hand washing and keeping sick students at home.