Two weeks before the norovirus outbreak at Mount Allison Univeristy, there was a norovirus outbreak at the Univeristy of Alberta that left 130 students ill. The Canadian University Press reports more on the Mount Allison outbreak:

In the first 48 hours, the disease infected approximately 90 students – 39 went to Sackville Memorial Hospital for medical treatment – out of a total student body of approximately 2,070.  That was the morning of Oct. 12. By the following afternoon, the university was closed, and all events were cancelled.

By Oct. 16, it had infected more than 300 students, more than 100 of in the Windsor Hall residence alone. Landon Braverman, a first-year student on the third floor of Windsor Hall, was among the first to fall ill.  He began showing symptoms late Oct. 11 and slowly watched as student after student succumbed to the illness.

The following day, he said he was feeling much better and returned to his residence, where he slept for the following 12 hours.  He also reported that other students experienced shortness of breath, rapid weight loss and loss of a sense of time.